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Here at The Fieldbook we are always looking for new storytellers. Have you travelled the world and learned the do's and dont's of your favorite places? We'd love to hear them! If you have a penchant for the written word, and a desire to help women then you might be a great fit for our team!

Becoming a Contributor

All it takes is a few easy steps!
  1. Send Chaucee an email with some basic information.
    1. Age
    2. Travel Experience
    3. Examples of previous writings (this can be links to a blog posts, PDFs, or Word documents)
    4. Your availability (how many stories per week).
    5. Topics you want to cover.
    6. Three Examples of a sample post you'd write for The Fieldbook.
    7. And why you want to write for The Fieldbook!
  2. Press send!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor. If we feel you are a good fit for our team we'll contact you via email!